TOUr del monte perdido
Parque Nacional de Ordesa - Brecha de Rolando - Casco - Marboré - Monte Perdido
Refugios de Sarradets - Goriz

Monte Perdido

descripción: TOUR DEl monte perdido

La ruta propuesta consta de tres jornadas, conociendo algunos de los rincones del Alto Pirineo Central. Esta ruta ofrece la posibilidad de conocer a fondo la Montaña del Vignemale, que cuenta con algunas de las historias más mitológicas del Pirineo.

Inform Félix Aznar Guía de Alta Montaña

¿ A quién va dirigido ?

Esta actividad está dirigida a aquellos amantes del trecking que quieran disfrutar durante tres intensas jornadas de algunos de los lugares más increíbles que nos ofrece esta pequeña pero gran cordillera que es el Pirineo.

¿Qué nivel hay que tener?

La ruta propuesta no presenta grandes dificultades técnicas. Sí es importante contar con un buen estado de forma física para poder empalmar las tres jornadas de forma eficiente.

¿Cuál es la duración y  programa del Monte Perdido?

  • Día1: Salida desde la Pradera de Ordesa. Ascensión por las clavijas de Cotatuero hasta el Plano de Mirallis y desde aquí ascensión a la Brecha de Rolando y descenso a dormir al Refugio de Sarradets (1500m de desnivel positivo y 14Km).
  • Día 2: Desde el refugio volveremos a ascender a la Brecha de Rolando para retomar la senda que asciende a la cima del Casco por la chimenea subterránea. Descenderemos por el Cuello de los Sarrios hacia la Torre de Marboré. Continuaremos por la faja de los Sarrios hasta el refugio de Goriz (600m de desnivel positivo y 10Km)
  • Día 3: Ascenderemos al Monte Perdido por la ruta original y descenderemos de nuevo a la pradera de Ordesa (1200m de desnivel positivo y 21Km)

¿ Que material necesito?

• Primaloft • Chaqueta Gore Tex • Pantalón de montaña • Guantes (finos) • Botas de montaña. • Casco • Crampones (depende época del año) • Gafas de sol • Crema solar • Gorro • Arnés • 2 mosquetones HMS • Comida para las jornadas • Bebida • Mochila 25 • Bastones plegables(opcional) • Saco sábana para refugio • Tapones • Neceser personal • Frontal *Si hay algo del material citado que te falte avísanos, nosotros te lo proporcionaremos.

Precio/pers y ¿Qué incluye el precio?

1personas800 Euros 2personas420 Euros 3personas280 Euros 4personas220 Euros EL PRECIO INCLUYE Guía de Alta MontañaAEGM Seguro de RCSeguro de Accidentes Desplazamiento del Guía Material colectivo de seguridad IVA incluido EL PRECIO NO INCLUYE •Gastos de pernocta y manutención en los refugios •Gastos de pernocta y manutención del Guía en los refugios •Transporte


Formalización de reserva y seguros

How do I get tickets?

Camp tickets are through a Lottery system that is open from June 18-June 21 at noon CST here: https://forms.gle/rXBfN67XbpRiWFWX8. All registrants will be entering for the chance to buy a ticket to Unglued Summer Camp for adults. If you win the Lottery you will have the chance to purchase tickets for Camp! Simple, right? The Lottery link is here: https://forms.gle/rXBfN67XbpRiWFWX8 The name and email used to enter the Lottery must match the information that would be used for the full registration if you win the Lottery. Individuals registering multiple times under the same name will be disqualified so be sure to enter only once. See below for Group Lottery Tickets because yes, that’s a thing! Two weekends – There are 2 weekends for camp for a 2nd time because we love it that much. This Lottery will cover both. Please indicate when asked if you would like your name in one or the other or check off both if either weekend works for you. Group Lottery Tickets – Only wanna come to camp if your squad can? You can register for up to 4 Lottery Tickets to indicate you only want to come to camp if your friend or squad gets in. Registering for Group Lottery Tickets does not increase or decrease your chances of getting in (I know, weird, right? but it’s for real). You will need to carefully enter their full email and birth date (Camp is 21+) upon registering. First round Lottery will be notified within 24 hours after the first round closes and winners will receive individual links fully complete and pay for their camp spot within 24 hours of it being sent! For Group Lottery winners each individual will receive the link to their separate email address that were entered during the Lottery registration. There’s a 2nd round Lottery – and a 3rd if needed +!! Any bunks not claimed by our first round Lottery winners will be opened up to a 2nd Lottery 2 days later and then a 3rd round if not all bunks are fully claimed by potential campers as needed. Basically all previous Lottery registrants who did not “win” will be put in the next round Lottery along with anyone signed up for our wait list during that time. These names - and any others that sign up post-Lottery - will then become the Camp wait list for any bunks that open up. Was that a lot of info? YES. We don't know any other way. But here's the short version: enter the Lottery, if you "win" pay for your Camp spot with the link sent to you, then come to Camp. Lottery link: https://forms.gle/rXBfN67XbpRiWFWX8

Should I come the whole weekend?

YES! Camp is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! Just like life. There we said it. Also because we believe it. Which is why we do Camp. Also Camp is non-refundable after July 10 (but is transferrable). We will make exceptions to our refund policy for Covid-related reasons to keep the people as safe as possible (see above FAQ for deets), but need your changes to attending as immediately as possible to give another camper enough time to prep for their bunk.

I want to have a cabin with a friend!

SAME – we do want you to meet new faces (#goalz), but in a follow up questionnaire closer to camp we can almost for sure make that happen with at least 1-2 of your squad if not all of them. You'll be hitting up the nostalgia of good ol' camp cabins with about 10-14 other campers in cabins that will be separated by gender (and/or gender identity). We don't discriminate against race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or citizenship here at Camp and will ensure that you have a bunk that you feel comfortable in (just not physically comfortable, they are still hard as hell bunks #bringanairmattress?). We also do not tolerate discrimination as listed above from campers, crew, or anyone at Camp towards anyone involved in Camp. Please see our above Camp info under "You are Welcome Here" for more detail on our discrimination and harassment policy.

So is this just for the ladies?

Ummm hells no! This is a badass SUMMER CAMP not a scrapbooking retreat. We’ve enlisted guys with beards and guys without beards to help us plan this to be for ALL THE PEOPLE! (the quote “The workshops were legit as f*ck” came from a dude so believe it – the dude abides).

Who’s coming then?

I believe YOU ARE, but anyone who needs a carefree, campy weekend! This is NOT just for “creative people,” network-y people, or bloggers, etc etc. This is crafted up to be the weekend that you’ve needed for a long time. If you are 21+, of course.

I’m older than *insert age you are assuming*…will I love it?

Our past few years of Camp have had a camper age range typically 23-47 – some tish younger and a good amount still above this range. You could say camp caters to people in their 20’s and 30’s as those who are planning it fall in that range (hiiii! I’m Ashley and I turn 38 this year). If you are a badass who wants to get away from the 9-5 for a few days, dance super hard, get bruises going down a flat slip and slide, make really cool shit with local makers, and try your damndest to earn merit badges then you need to be there. You need to be there even if you are an introvert and live in Vermont and haven’t held a glue gun in 20 years. There is alcohol and we say shit a lot and you will hear WAP during the dance.

Merit badges, yes?

For hells to the yes. Now you can totally make this weekend what you want, but if you take time to earn 5 merit badges (to include things like “Fitness,” Workshops, Wild Cards, and more) you’ll leave with a snazzy take-home award kind of thing that is SO WORTH IT. We quote-i-cized “fitness” so you don’t think we are going to kick your ass. We’ll have a few options each morning that could be epic or just really relaxed. Rumor has it: also HULA HOOPS.

Which weekend will be better?

Whichever one YOU are at. THAT is the winner. Our makers and artists leading the workshops won’t all be at both weekends and thus there will be a difference in workshop variety so consider that the biggest difference. However, we’ve never pre-released the full workshop line up until post-registration around late July so consider this your time to take a deep breathe and know that the one question we always ask ourselves is “is this epic enough” and so, yes, it will be. Otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this. Boom. Bastic.

I Unglued Camped it up in 2019.  Do I come again?

Oh hi past camper! Did you just live through a pandemic? Well yes, hells yes, you should come back! Yes, some things will remain like our overall schedule that continues to be spot on to kick ass. Some of the super campy or hottie hot workshops will be back, too. Overall, though, you’ll have a brand spankin’ new collection of workshops to take, new Friday night campfire fun, new camp cocktails, pop-up bonus fun, etc etc.


Why yes! This Camp is only for 21+ so it doesn’t get all weird. You’ll have other beverage options, though, if you don’t want to consume the things. There are portions of the day that drinky drinks are available to you by our kick ass servers such as mimosas for breakfast, beers for lunch, cocktail happy hour, dance bar, and more until about 11pm both nights. You’ll get to enjoy plenty if you’d like and it’s all included! No drugs. That’s lame. We all get in trouble and camp ends which means #yousuck.


Yes, but also note the bar closes down at 11pm each night so you don’t go drunk canoeing in the pitch black during a lightning storm. There are also times of day that alcohol is not served so you don’t use a mini blow torch during your Workshop Session 2 to prank someone and burn down the rec hall.

How much??

Ok, first consider this is ALL INCLUSIVE. We’ll bet our rescue dog we love to pieces that you’ve spent a hella lot more on a weekend to Minneapolis you had to do all the planning for that wasn’t nearly as kick ass and where you don’t get nearly as much swag, projects, cocktails, project instruction, and freaking memories you’ll never forget. Registration = $320/camper. This is a $10 increase from the past few years. We needed to add some fancier insurance and Covid safety prep.

$320?!  I listen to Dave Ramsey!

Oh, Dave Ramsey. We’ve actually named his alter ego Rave Damsey. We do think, though, that both Dave and Rave would approve of treating yourself to this wonderful helluva weekend! We are basically making this happen at cost for you with room for incidentals (as we learned we need to when water trampolines blow away srsly) so this is the best bargain we can make the magic with. We also know this is an investment for many campers and so we thrive in the accountability of making this the weekend of your best damn dreams. Now you may not know Justin and I, but we do everything we can to keep this as cheap as humanly possible and the best experience you can wrap your mind around. Camp sells out so we realize we could increase this madness in price, BUT it is hella important to us that YOU can come We are in this to make your life KICK ALL THE ASS.

What do I need to bring?

You’ll get a campy packing list before you head to Camp and it’ll include some pretty normal camp things like bedding, swimsuit, bug spray, dance themed costume, etc. Ahead of Camp you'll get about 5 email updates as the date to feel prepared and damn excited.

I have more questions!  And I need answers!

Since Ashley sucks at html we’d love for you to just go ahead and email us at ungluedcraftfest@gmail.com and we’ll get you those answers! But make sure you really read the information above first because we wrote it for you.

So a pandemic is still happening.  Tell me more.

So let's acknowledge that while we usually say Camp is meant for EVERYONE! All the time! And you need it in your life! We 100% recognize not everyone is ready for this moment in their life yet after living through 2020 and then some. If you reallllly want to come to Camp, but cannot work through the idea of sleeping in a cabin, being around someone from out of state, or just the idea as a whole you should plan to join us in 2022 or beyond! We already have 2022 booked so maybe that's calling your name instead. Otherwise here's our current Covid notes: *If there's one thing we've learned is that things change FAST with pandemics - so all of this can get more intense with safety guidelines, but won't get less. *A LOT of Camp happens outdoors. But let's call it like it is: this is the Midwest. Weather can be questionable and one year it was a wasp apocalyse (I got a tattoo to commemorate that one). So we can't 100% guarantee the great outdoors will be anything except a movie night movie. But this is at a summer camp - a helluva lot will be spaced out and hella outdoors most of the time barring weather and wasps. *Meal times usually happen with almost 120 campers smashed into the Dining Hall. This year we will serve most meals outdoors near it and you can still hang in the Hall, eat outside, or venture onto the beach. Keeping it so flexible I'll be able to do the splits. *Workshops get spread out all around Camp. These are about 1.5 hours each with 4-20 people. Some indoors, some outdoors depending on size of class and type. *Sleeping sitch. These are good ol' camp cabins with about 10-14 people in each, most with bunk beds. You'll have a cabin host to answer any questions or give you a hug (or air hug?) if you need it. *Masks! Masks will not be required during Camp at this point, but you can absolutely wear one any time and we'll also have some disposable ones available to grab. *Sanitizing! We'll have hand sanitzers everywhere, a couple extra hand washing stations set up, and even have 2 ghost buster electrostatic sprayers we'll walk around with to make it not just be hygiene theatre, but legitimately sanitize things for all the reasons. *Camp medic. We do have a Camp Medic on site to help with your wasp stings to a quaranting plan if needed. *We will have rapid testing available on-site as needed. *Refund policy. Typically Camp is non-refundable after X date. We personalize a giant amount of things based on YOU (tshirt, really fancy name badge thanks for Kristina's dream job of glitter, epoxy, and letters, your cabin assignment, workshop schedule, etc etc) and for as giant as our wait list is we don't find many people to use a sudden spot the week prior to Camp for last minute cancels. BUT if you have a Covid-related reason you need to back out, this year we will make a refund happen if you need it. We trust that this won't get misused because if you are planning to come to Camp we know you kick ass and won't kick our ass by a last minute, unexpected cancel that isn't Covid-related.

Will this be a Hot Vax Summer Camp?

We enlisted the help of a bomb ass attorney and new insurance and here's our game plan (along with a bottle of my favorite whiskey for figuring this out in this weird ass world): All crew and campers will be fully vaccinated OR have the option to show a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours prior to Camp start (7pm CST on the Friday of the Camp) or can sign up ahead of time for a rapid test administered upon Camp arrival that must be negative in order to attend. Since we need to start working now with the ND Lab to order rapid tests and get certified to administer, you will enter during the Lottery process which option you are most likely to choose. Public health safety is the reigning queen this year and our biggest priority.